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Letter: Group to presen tissues, process school board uses in response

TO THE EDITOR: An Open letter to the Ellsworth Community School Board:

We are not surprised that the board again declined our invitation to meet with representatives of the Concerned Citizen Group for a civil, meaningful and substantive conversation about the process of governing as set forth in our Constitutional form of government and further guided by The Wisconsin Open Meeting Law. Nor are we dismayed by their decision.

The Concerned Citizen Group began some five years ago after observing the board's chosen governing process as it related to a specific issue. This concern has been reinforced through subsequent observations (conservatively estimated at 80 percent) of the board's public meetings.

The lens through which the board has been observed is to understand their process of governance and does it conform to the intent and the spirit of the United States Constitution and the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law? That is the question.

The Concerned Citizen Group believes that meeting in community (the small group process as requested above), using civil conversation, lends itself best to be able to hold the "tension" among all parties, while working towards resolving an issue.

Consequently, having been again denied this focused opportunity, the Concerned Citizens Group, in coming months, will be presenting to the board and the public, issues and describing the process that the board selected to respond to the issues.

Being elected representatives to do the people's will, the board will be invited to explain/defend their choice of process to the public. The public will in turn be invited to respond with their approval or disapproval.

The Concerned Citizen Group is all about Transparency, Clarity and Parity in governance within the scope of our Constitution and the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law.

Sincerely and with all due respect.