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Letter: He believes bail in his case was excessive


Arrested in June 2006, I had a bail hearing where bail was set at $100,000 cash, as requested by the DA.

I am a lifelong resident of Pierce County, was not on probation, was employed, had a place to live and had 50/50 custody of my sons.

Wisconsin Statute 969.001 states that bail should not be excessive. "Bail" is a monetary condition of release. In setting bail, a judge must consider if the defendant will appear for trial if released on his own recognizance. If imposed, bail shall be in an amount necessary to assure the defendant's appearance. Other conditions can be imposed to protect the community or to prevent intimidation of witnesses. Considerations when determining whether bail is necessary include the health, reputation and residence of the defendant.

Having studied 969.001, I cannot find any reason for the excessive amount of $100,000 cash bail. Murder cases sometimes have lesser bails set. Since Wisconsin does not use the bail bondsman system, the full amount must be paid in cash before release of a person.

There seems to be some "vendetta" against me in this local court, and pages of evidence support this opinion. When I was sentenced for the charges, the times were set to run consecutively, not concurrently, totaling 24 years; not the usual procedure, and double the amount recommended by the person who did the Pre-Sentence Investigation.

In Minnesota, the total would be three years for the crimes I was convicted of. Interesting (maybe shocking?), don't you agree?

Paul B. Krauss