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Letter: He shares what he knows about Prescott school employees

TO THE EDITOR: Did you know in the Prescott School District:

--Administrators in the district average $90,000 yearly in salary alone.

--Administrators in the district average $20,000-30,000 per year in fringe benefits (This includes 100 percent for a family health insurance plan; 100 percent of their pension, which is 11.6 percent of their salary. They receive a dental plan.)

--Administrators receive the Health Savings Account in the amount of $3,500 as well as above stated benefits.

--In 2011-12, teachers will not receive a raise; they will pay 12 ½ percent of a health plan and 1/2 of their pension.

However, in the settlement for 2011-12, teachers received an additional program called a "Health Savings Account" that the district puts $3,500 per year into an account for every employee--which is tax-free money. With this additional $3,500 per employee, teachers are not coming up significantly short. Example, a teacher making $50,000 a year pays only 5.8 percent towards their pension and 12 ½ percent of a $14,000 health insurance plan, making their out of pocket cost $3,700 per year; when you subtract the amount going into their HSA ($3,500), it makes their out-of-pocket cost $200 per year or about $17-18 a month.

--All employees including retirees to the age of 65, receive a Health Savings Account to which the district contributes $3,500. Retirees to the age of 65 also are covered under district health insurance with district contribution of 87 ½ percent towards the premium.

--All teachers (who teach in the district 15 years and reach the age of 57) who retire, qualify for the health insurance to which the district contributes up to 87 ½ percent of the premium.