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Letter: He was impressed with visiting EHS basketball players

 TO THE EDITOR: This is a story I think really needs to be shared.

It is also one I hope is a lesson for all young groups of students who are representing not only themselves, but also their school and their community.

I am writing this to inform everyone what a class act I think the Ellsworth Boys Basketball players and coaches are. Recently, this team traveled to St. Croix Falls for a game. After the game, I drove to McDonald’s to feed my son and his friend following their wrestling practice.

Upon entering, we noticed a lot of young men wearing dress pants, shirts and ties. All of them looked very impressive. My thinking was these students were dressed up for a forensics competition or some other important event.

As we waited, I began talking to one of the young men. During our conversation, this individual told me he played basketball for Ellsworth High School and his coach expects them to dress up for games.

As we waited for our food, another player from the team entered the restaurant with a wallet and asked us if it was ours. As it turned out, the wallet belonged to my son’s friend and it was found by the player in the parking lot.

As the team began leaving, I noticed the coach wiping the crumbs off the tables that his boys had been sitting at. When I got home, I told my wife how great it was to see a team and their coach display such class. This was truly the most polite, respectful and well-mannered groups of young men I have witnessed in many years. A group any school or community would be proud of.

So, hats off to you, Ellsworth Boys Basketball players and coaches. I was really impressed with you.