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Letter: He'd love to see Kapanke in U.S. Congress

TO THE EDITOR: How refreshing, I was able to listen to the vibrant Dan Kapanke Wednesday in River Falls.

This man understands what it means to be an elected official. He started the evening by stating the importance of representing the views of people in your district regardless of party views. I have been listening to Ron Kind and Russ Feingold lecturing me this past year on how they know what is best for me and it does not matter what I think because I just don't understand. Well, I believe such arrogance in an elected office of the people is dangerous and we need to get rid of all incumbents with such a belief system.

Republican State Sen. Kapanke says he self imposed term limits on himself and believes eight years is plenty of time for one to contribute in one office and then it is time to get fresh input to the political system. I can believe in careers in political office if you continue to progress up through the system, township/city, county, state and federal, but to stay in the same position for 10-20-30-40 years is ridiculous, as have Congressman Obey and Kind and Senator Feingold. In business, the Peter Principle says, "In a Hierarchy, Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence." Maybe we just need to clean house.

People need to get out and listen to Dan Kapanke; he even declares that he believes in the sanctity of life from conception to death, a man of my heart. I believe when government starts interfering with moral issues, government itself has now violated the separation of church and state. Our country is based on letting people live as they choose.

I would love to see Dan Kapanke as our next Third Congressional Representative from Wisconsin.