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Letter: He's concerned about golf team decision


The May editorial in the Spring Valley Sun Argus concerns me very much.

It stated four Spring Valley School board members, Eric Turner, Al Faber, Brian Wang and Peter Coyne, voted down the social skills acquired by allowing a school-sponsored golf team. They must have done research of some type to come up with that decision, even though the cost would have been mostly volunteer.

Golf in Wisconsin generates millions of tax revenues that support the very school that voted down the golf team, by these four. What I find interesting is the Spring Valley Golf Tournament each summer to raise money for the school. The El Paso Community Club holds a golf tournament each year to raise money for their cause, as do communities nationwide.

Most organizations, including many churches, hold tournaments for social reasons as well as revenue sources. More businesses, associations and governmental agencies participate in golf outings for business reasons than any other social gathering.

The Spring Valley School, as well as other schools, receive a grant to discuss ways with business managers to find ways to better prepare our students for the real world. If the school boards truly believe in preparing students to excel in business, politics, etc., golf would be the number one social activity expanded upon. Business owners, bankers, etc., can tell a lot about the character of an individual by his honesty on the golf course. Studies have shown women and minorities have lost advancement in business because of not being educated in or not allowed to participate in business golf outings.

Is the Spring Valley School Board really interested in preparing our students for the future or are we having the students play games to keep them busy?

Don Nellessen

Spring Valley