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Letter: Kids got unfair treatment from carnival workers, he says

TO THE EDITOR: This year, I took my three- and five-year-olds to the Pierce County Fair.

My kids look forward to all the events every year. However, this year, I found myself consoling my kids because of the unfair treatment they got from Mr. Ed’s carnival workers.

In previous years, my children were allowed to go on the smallest rides. Not this year. All the rides they were allowed on last year—they were now too small to go on them.

When I said something to a worker, they became violent. When I went to management with my complaint, I was blown off.

So my question is this: Is this the best the fair board can give our kids? If so, I will be taking my family somewhere else. The fair used to be so much better. Better demo, better rides, better entertainment and more.

At least they enjoyed the 4-H exhibits.