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Letter: Loberg will make an excellent judge, she says

TO THE EDITOR: Being a judge is an awesome responsibility.

It requires special wisdom, discernment, accountability and honesty, and a very real concern for people. We have been fortunate to have a good one in Judge Wing, for many years, and now a change will be made.

Choosing a judge is also an awesome responsibility, and it is going to be our votes that will put the very best man in that Judge's Chamber. I urge you to elect Robert Loberg to that position.

We want a judge who will always play by the rules; otherwise, our trust would be misplaced.

Besides his 34 years of experience as a general practice and trial attorney, his family values and credentials are impressive. You can check out his website at www.electlobergjudge.comto learn about the many ways he has/and is serving.

As impressive as all that is, Bob Loberg puts you at ease, and is comfortable talking to people, young or old. I know, since he has been our legal counsel for many years.

He will make an excellent judge.