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Letter: More dealings with O'Boyle over cable issue told

TO THE EDITOR: Continued from last week. O'Boyle, finally taking some ownership of the case, says: "The city simply is saying that airing meetings cannot be done by the cable commission."

Right...That's exactly why this case is in your face. The city has no authority to say that.

Comcast turned over cable equipment ownership and responsibility to Prescott in the agreement...Prescott designated a cable commission to handle the entire affair. It's because the city illegally usurped control, the commission resigned a year ago. The city has not allowed cable subscribers who fund Channel 18 to air council committee meetings for over a year now.

O'Boyle and Sorenson cannot litigate this case without a copy of Prescott's Cable TV Franchise Ordinance of May 31, 2000, Access Channel Provisions: 1. Public, Educational and Government Access: a) the city or its designee is hereby designated to operate, administer, promote and manage public, education or governmental access programming; b)...its designee (the cable commission) will be responsible for programming of these channels...and also will be responsible for all equipment, training, support and management of such channels.

Read: The cable commission is sanctioned to do all the above by legal agreement. It specifies training people to run the equipment. By osmosis, the commission is mandated to allow trained people to use that equipment for airing committee meetings, sporting, civic and like events...

My complaint is against the (then) city council for ignoring the Open Meetings Law, voting illegally to prevent the cable commission from airing committee meetings.

Now, a new council and mayor have an appetite to allow videoing any meetings. It's in their best political interest to inform viewers on Freedom Park progress, industrial expansion and a plethora of ordinance, public property, financial, public works and personnel issues before Prescott.

They're stymied by your stall... "As Time Flies by!"