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Letter: PCHA appreciates fair assistance, Lawrence project underway, she says

TO THE EDITOR: The Pierce County Historical Association extends sincerest appreciation to local residents who visited us at the Freier School during the county fair.

So much help was received in identifying photos in the some-20 notebooks. About 75 percent or better were identified, or close, thereby saving literally hundreds of volunteer hours doing the job. There are many more in the collection to be looked over recently discovered at the Lawrence Studio property.

The PCHA Executive Board also commends all who made cash donations and purchased quilt raffle tickets, as all those funds are earmarked to go towards the major renovation project happening at the property.

Those who have stopped in and visited, as well as those driving by the Lawrence location, can and have seen a new roof going into place, and interior demolition and cleanup have occurred.

Volunteers have put in hundreds of hours sorting, cleaning and emptying contents of the house, which was left as is in 1989, so further clean-up, paint and other such tasks can be done without objects being in the way.

And more volunteers can be used -- to paint exterior trim and do other scrubbing and painting. The work schedule is not set because the volunteers cannot always be present, and work days are thus hit and miss.

Soon, the major fundraising must begin--the plan is to be complete in the work and move the PCHA offices to the site by April of 2012, having the Grand Opening in conjunction with the main Ellsworth Sesquicentennial Celebration in June of 2012.

If the public wishes to make cash donations for the project, checks payable to PCHA--Lawrence Fund will be gratefully accepted. Send them to the PCHA address, which is: PCHA, P.O. Box 148, Ellsworth, WI 54011.