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Letter: She appeals to area families to make Youth Mission trip a priority

TO THE EDITOR: As Youth Director for Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Beldenville, I'm busy making final travel arrangements for our Youth Mission trip to Ashland, Mont., this June.

I feel fortunate so many churches in our community provide the opportunity for our young adults to participate in Youth Mission trips each summer. These trips are generally to locations within the United States and are open to youth in eighth grade and older, as well as adult chaperones.

For the past few years, Our Savior's has worked with an organization called "Group Workcamps." We participate in a "Challenge Camp," where we paint, build wheelchair ramps and do other small construction projects. Group Workcamps does all the background work for us. They choose locations and residents most in need of our help. They also provide an incredible spiritual program geared for teens including everything from high-energy worship music to quiet reflection of scripture.

Kids all across America are coming together and giving up a week of their summer to help someone less fortunate than themselves with absolutely no expectation of getting anything in return, and it's nothing short of inspirational. When you talk to kids and adults from our community who have participated in these trips, you'll hear words like "difficult," "challenging," "emotional," "spiritual" and "rewarding." And while not everyone is able to make the trip themselves, there are plenty of opportunities to support the seemingly endless fundraising necessary to make these Youth Mission trips a reality.

Consider making a Youth Mission trip a priority for your family. With all of the negatives in the world today, it's easy to tell yourself you're just one person in a small town, but you can make a difference and be a blessing in the life of someone in need.