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Letter: She appeals for help with funds to complete renovations

TO THE EDITOR: Dear Pierce County Residents:

I have a question to ask. Was your graduation photo from Ellsworth High School taken at the Lawrence Studio anywhere between 1904 and 1977?

Were photos of your wedding party, your family, your baby(s), your anniversary, your confirmation class taken by HW or any of the Lawrences during their years in business?

If so, perhaps you could help the Pierce County Historical Association (PCHA) raise the $150,000 (estimated) funds needed to complete the renovations on the property.

Matching the $30,000 being donated by the Lawrence family is happening quickly--which added to their prior gift of $20,000 brings the line up to $80,000.

But, knowing the costs of any type of construction, or reconstruction, cost over-runs will occur.

Hence, cash in needed. Help the PCHA preserve a major piece of local history is the plea. Every little bit helps.

And this building will become the museum that the county does not have at the present time.

Send your tax deductible checks payable to the following: PCHA--Lawrence Fund.

Mail the checks to the following address: PCHA, P. O. Box 148, Ellsworth, WI 54011.

Appreciation goes to all interested Pierce County Residents.