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Letter: She appreciates support in decorating FTD tent

TO THE EDITOR: In January of 2009, I had the good fortune to be recruited for the Family Living Tent committee for Pierce County Farm Technology Days coming up this week, July 22-24.

The Family Living Tent is where the opening and closing ceremonies take place as well as three full days of entertainment and informational booths. The challenge we faced was how we would decorate a tent that is 60 feet by 180 feet, along with an adjoining outdoor space which is 74 feet by 62 feet.

This led me down the path to meeting some truly exceptional people from Pierce County. I had the opportunity to meet with Leah and Sam Miller and the Nesbitt's Nursery family, Brian Pieper and the Rockworks crew, Bill Kelly and Betty Lindahl from Cedar Hill Farm and Greenhouse. Each of these businesses welcomed our ideas with open minds, brainstormed ways to make things work and joined wholeheartedly in the challenge of creating and completing designs that enhance the tent.

I hope that those of you who attend Pierce County Farm Technology Days will enjoy these designs around Family Living Tent area. Look for the Shade Area, it's a great outdoor place to rest your weary feet courtesy of Nesbitt's Nursery. Check out the landscape by the signs and the awesome benches inside the Family Living Tent donated by Rockworks Landscape. Enjoy the peppy flower containers created by Cedar Hill Farm and Greenhouse.

All enhance the Farm Technology Days experience.