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Letter: She wonders why O'Boyle's district attorney 'race lives'

TO THE EDITOR: After reading the article in the Jan 20 Herald about DA O'Boyle's "race lives," I was wondering why?

Here we have a public official that is supposed to be aware of deadlines and the rules behind them, and is running for an office that interrupts the rules. But he can't make the deadline.

His reason is "it got lost in the mail." We are to believe that he had no time to get this application into the mail except the day before and then he overnight mailed it to Madison. Then, because of a policy of the office in Madison that mail is picked up at 8 a.m. from there in box and his overnight mail did not get there in box until 11 a.m. on the deadline day, therefore, not picked up until the next day.

How far does the excuse "it's in the mail or the mail is late" get the general public?