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Letter: She wonders why people move here if they can't tolerate the norm

TO THE EDITOR: This is in response to the May 9 issue--Presentation long on how swell mine was, short on "reality":

I don't understand why someone would knowingly, recently move next door to a sand mine, railroad and busy highway if they have so many objections to the "reality" of this area?

That sand mine and railroad were here when I was a child (now I'm in my 60's)--it provided jobs for many of our parents and others, as it still does and, to the best of my knowledge, didn't cause a health risk to any of them. The railroad has "always" been here--it didn't just move in.

Having just moved back to the area myself in reference to the comment on the sand mine truck traffic--I find it more shocking as to how the "traffic in general" has grown in size during just the past 10-20 years, in particular the loud motorcycles, multitude of tourist vehicles and continuous semi traffic--amid all that, I rarely notice the occasional sand mine truck.

I also understand that some people moving here object to farmers running their tractors in the fields at night--that has also been the MO for a life time; so: Why do people move here from other areas if they can't tolerate the "norm" for the area--shouldn't they have researched the conditions prior to buying?