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Letter: Stop trying to get the Nugget Lake hunt stopped, he says

TO THE EDITOR: I am one of the hunters that hunted the park land this year.

I have to say that we didn't hunt the opening day in the park in fear that there was going to be too many hunters...but, much to my surprise, on the second day we hunted in the land and it was like a ghost town. Me and my brother got a 165 class buck by 8 in the morning.

If there was so many hunters in the land, then how could a buck come across 20+ acres of land and not get shot at? The land is so clear where we were.

I appreciate the people at the park; they brought back what hunting is all about, where it is a trophy buck, not a deer that I grew from a fawn. That is what it is all about nowadays, growing the biggest deer. If there were problems around the park, then I would think that back tag numbers would have been wrote down and plate numbers.

I hunted five of the nine days and never saw anything wrong. Most of the people that I talked to were scared to walk in any of the places where they could go. Now, keep in mind that we are dealing with landowners that, when they bought 20 acres of land bordering this land, they had a 500 acre back yard to keep their deer safe. If a landowner can't handle a guy or two stumbling onto their land, that's pretty sad.

They can say all they want about things that went wrong on their land; well, bring some proof to the table and stop trying to get the hunt stopped by saying "I seen it."