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Letter: They're grateful for support and 'Cooper's' memorial service

TO THE EDITOR: We want to commend so many for their support in the last month with the passing of "Cooper," the Flat Pennies Ice Cream C.E.O.

The cards, Facebook messages, phone calls and emails have been overwhelming. Appreciation goes to all for their support in this last month.

Special appreciation to Pastor Mary Eide for giving the most touching service on July 25 and touched all who were there. Her service was meaningful, light, well-written and studied. We appreciated it so much, Pastor Mary.

We also want to commend all the people and dog guests who attended, it meant more than we can express. Cooper attracted all kinds and brought people together to grieve, not just for him but their own losses. We appreciate you for sharing your stories with us.

Appreciation also goes to those who gave donations to the Goodhue County (Minn.) Humane Society, but weren't able to make his service. Your contributions made a difference for their organization.

Also, much-needed kudos to the Flat Pennies Ice Cream crew for helping and understanding during this difficult time for Jim and I. As you know, we will miss him deeply, but Flat Pennies must go girls rock, we love you.