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Letter: Trustee strikes again, unfair on street dance, he says


Get your facts straight before you make yourself look ridiculous yet again.

After your comment at Monday's village board meeting about the street dance, you should feel ashamed of yourself. The street dance is put on by only one bar because the village board made obstacles with permits and insurance issues that forced the other three taverns to drop out.

I wish that all four taverns could participate in the Annual East Ellsworth Street Dance again. I wonder why you are so opposed to anything related to a tavern. You call it a liability issue.

Did you not see all summer an individual selling sweet corn at east end park, where Wall Street and Hwy. 10 meet? There were cars parked all over, kids running in the middle of the street, elderly people trying their best to quickly get across the street, as cars were veering off onto Wall Street.

Don't you think that person made a profit and nothing was said? If you are worried about businesses making a profit, then you should think about why you are even on the village board. What expense does the village have to run the street dance? Nothing. That's right, nothing. Everything is paid by Broz Bar, the band, the permit, the insurance, security, off-duty police officers, the list goes on.

Why do we need extra village police officers at the street dance? Exactly, we don't. I invite you, Trustee Rick Sweig, to come and look at the real numbers of the East Ellsworth Street Dance and see how much my pockets are really lined. Let's not forget about every single event that Broz Bar puts on that there is an organization that is a beneficiary from that event.

Jason Marks

Broz Bar