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Letter: Volunteers sought to help make 'Museum Dream' a reality, she says

TO THE EDITOR: Just wanted to let you know a group is going over to help out with the old Lawrence Studio.

A month ago, I read this article on how these little ladies are trying to make a Museum Dream into a reality.

Oh, I know what a lot of the people in the area are thinking: "You gotta be kidding." Put a gas can on top of an old lightning rod and hope Mother Nature does its trick. For those who know what a lightning rod is.

This place has been empty for around 50 years. Kind of like time standing still, food in the pantry, clothes in the closet, bread in the bread box, dishes set up on the table, beds made, even a dead cat lying on the bed hoping its owner would return. (Hopefully, it was a dead cat.)

If you start with the dates 1890 (studio), 1940's (Bungalow), those dash between those years represents a lot of time has gone by. Lots of memories on how the Lawrence Studio affects so many different lives in the area. From baby pictures, school pictures (grade school/high school), family photos and wedding.

Maybe it's time to pay it forward. One good deed can cause a chain reaction of several. Believe me, these old gals could use several Good Deeds. So many of us have talents to share: Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, Painters, so let's make this dream become a reality.

A group from St. Paul (Gerdau Steel Company) is coming down to pay it forward. They will be helping out April 21. (All volunteers.) So come on over and join the fun. Check out the "Corn Wall," a process using corn stalks to make wallboard.

When finished, I'm sure this will be a fine Museum.