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Letter: What's need for Hate Crimes Bill at all, he wonders


What is our country coming to?

The United States House of Representatives recently passed, along party lines, House Resolution 372, more commonly referred to as the Hate Crimes Bill.

Leaving aside the fact that all rapes, murders and crimes against people are, in one way or another, a hate crime, what is the need for a hate crime bill at all? How many life sentences can one get for murder? How many times can that person be executed? But let's look deeper into this legislation.

There was debate in the House as to whether pedophiles and/or our military personnel should be included. Along straight party lines, the bill was passed to protect pedophiles and every other sexually perverted individual under this bill, but not to protect our military people.

It is disturbing to me to think that, if someone were to physically harm a military person for wearing a T-shirt promoting Desert Storm, that he/she would get a less harsh sentence than if that person harmed were one who had molested a child. This is beyond the pale of fairness. Let's hope the U.S. Senate corrects this injustice.

Ron Kind, David Obey and Tammy Baldwin are three influential leaders from Wisconsin who voted in favor of this bill. It is hopeful that their constituents will hold their feet to the fire at the next town hall meeting each holds. They desire the opportunity to explain this vote.

Bob Britton