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Nine-day deer hunt begins this mornng

Ellsworth,Wisconsin 54011
Pierce County Herald
Nine-day deer hunt begins this mornng
Ellsworth Wisconsin 126 S. Chestnut St. 54011

Rifles are cleaned and oiled, everyone is wearing blaze orange and Wisconsin's woods are filled with deer hunters. The nine-day gun deer season kicked off at dawn today.

Some experts say scaling back the unpopular earn-a-buck program has excitement at a higher level today. It will be totally gone next year. That program required hunters to kill a doe before he or she could go after a trophy buck. Hunters said the Department of Natural Resources was inflating its estimation of the state deer population and earn-a-buck forced them to bypass too many trophy bucks. Many said the billion dollar a year sport was in jeopardy.

This year it doesn't feel that way. More than 600,000 licenses were sold to hunters for this season.