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Nominee will play possum, bow to judiciary committee, he says


Sonia Sotomayor pledged Monday to serve the "larger interest of impartial justice" rather than any narrower cause if she becomes the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court.

"My personal and professional experiences help me listen and understand, with the law always commanding the result in every case," Sotomayor told senators at a nationally televised confirmation hearing.

I remember the famous speech by former president G.H.W. Bush when he said, "Read my lips. No new taxes," when running for the office. Ms. Sotomayor, in my opinion, will do the same thing in the hearings.

She will play the possum and bow down to the judiciary committee. Once on the bench, she will eliminate our rights and apply international law to our constitution, along with her Latina outlook.

Six out of six of her major rulings have been reversed by SCOTUS. That is what happens when you apply the Latina or any other ethnic outlook, marginalize the Constitution, pick and choose what you want to extract out of it and interpret it as you please.

Qualifications means nothing if your legal training includes "interpret as you please" approach to the Constitution. I believe the majority of lawyers, judges and lawmakers have never thoroughly read the writings on the Constitution by the founders and do not know the original intent of the Constitution.

As retiring Justice Souter said in the 1992 Wiseman decision that he knew better than the founders on what they were thinking when they were creating the Constitution and how to interpret it.

Sanjeev Dhawan