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Past administration must be held accountable for own history, she says


Although I appreciate President Obama's inclination to embrace the future, I am disturbed by his reluctance to pursue the apparent crimes of the previous administration.

It appears that this reluctance grants permission to our former Vice President to come out of his undisclosed location into the light of day in an aggressive, sneering effort to rewrite his own history. Perhaps he doesn't know we can disprove what he says now, by listening to what he said while in office.

Unless investigations are pursued, the eight bad years we suffered under Bush-Cheney will confirm that it's acceptable to start a war with a country that never posed a threat to us, illegally spy on Americans and lie about it, capture and torture innocent people for years with no due process, fire U.S. attorneys for partisan reasons, award huge, no-bid contracts to political cronies, refuse to take action when warned a month in advance of an impending attack in the U.S., and let New Orleans drown.

The survival of our democracy depends on our insistence that the rule of law applies to everyone. Unless we, the people, demand that our government hold the past administration accountable for its own history, we may be doomed to repeat it.

Wanda Brown

River Falls