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Prescott voters approve new high school

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The Prescott School referendum was expected to be close and it certainly was.

Voters were asked three questions -- should a new high school be built, should an auditorium be built in addition to the new high school and should the district exceed its operating expenses for the new high school.


According to the district's website as of 11 p.m., Tuesday night, the new high school was approved by a 1,371 to 1,227 tally. Out of the five precincts, more voters in Prescott, Clifton and Oak Grove were in favor while those in Trimbelle and Diamond Bluff were not.

The auditorium fell, in another close vote, 1,332 to 1,257. Prescott voters were the only ones to vote in favor, while the other four voted it down.

The operating expenses vote couldn't get any closer as it was approved by one vote, 1,297 to 1,296. Voters in Prescott approved it by 74 votes, but the other four again voted it down.  

Superintendent Roger Hulne said canvassing will be done on Monday, April 7.