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School libraries to get state funding

Public school districts throughout Wisconsin will share $30.2 million in library aid, which will be paid from the Common School Fund, the only state funding specifically designated for the purchase of materials for school libraries. 

Included in this area are: Ellsworth, $58,582; Elmwood, $14,446; Plum City, $10,005; Prescott, $42,939; and Spring Valley, $21,033.

Aid is based on the number of children between the ages of four and 20 living in each school district. This year’s school library aid payment will be $24.95 (rounded) per child for 1,210,433 children counted in the 2012-13 school census. Funding is up from last year and the school census total is down by 7,770 children, meaning the per child payment will increase about 24 cents per child from the 2012-13 school year.

Districts must use Common School Fund library aid by June 30 for the purchase of books, digital resources and technology housed in the school library program.