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Second coldest July since 1873, he says


According to the Minnesota Climatology Office and the National Weather Service in La Crosse for the month of July, Rochester, Minn., experienced the second coldest month since 1873.

Coincidentally, the coldest July ever for Rochester was in 1992 and the third coldest ever was in 1996. A big ouch for those global warming enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, back at the Al Gore fantasy ranch, he has been predicting that the Atlantic Ocean will rise by 20 feet by the year 2030. I doubt that anyone still believes this nonsense except for possibly some Al Gore sycophant in Prescott. Perhaps Al was just having a long day when he came up with this idea. After all, he had to get up early to work in the tobacco fields, then he had to hustle over to Hollywood to advise Erich Segal on how to write "Love Story." Plus he still needed some free time to invent the internet.

Of course, if our omniscient friend in Prescott still believes Al is right about the imminent 20 foot rise in the Atlantic, maybe he would like to put his money where his mouth is. There might be quite a long line waiting for him to take that bet.

As 2009 continues to trend toward one of coldest years on record, it probably isn't the best time to reflect on the brilliance of Al Gore. After all, he did flunk out of Divinity school and he did drop out of law school. Al did earn an undergraduate degree in government, which clearly qualifies him to be a climatologist.

Nevertheless, I will leave the global warming decision up to you. You can either believe Al and the flat earth society member from Prescott or your own two eyes every time you look at your thermometer.

Ken Pazdernik