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She appreciates church's community suppers


Being old enough to recall what life was like in our country in the 1930's during the drought and Great Depression, I delight in seeing how Pierce County churches and other groups have been responding to the daily needs of other resident families who are experiencing lower, or even lack of adequate finances.

For instance, the Ellsworth Presbyterian Church on the corner of Hwy 65 and Hwy. 10 (where the stop lights are), since May 13, has sponsored a free community supper the second Wednesday of each month from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the basement dining room. In July, during the third monthly community dinner of a hamburger, bratwurst or hot dog in buns, there was potato salad, cole slaw, other salads and vegetables, milk, coffee and two kinds of bars for dessert.

While delivering my contribution of a pot of baked beans, I had the opportunity to meet and have a friendly conversation with a man retiree, and a recent graduate from our high school who was headed to begin studies at River Falls university this fall.

I don't know yet what the full menu for the August Community Supper will be on Aug. 12, but I do know there will be roast meat and mashed potatoes for the main item, along with salads and desserts. No printed invitations are sent out for these free community suppers the second Wednesday of each month, but do share this invitation with friends and neighbors.

Eleanor Oltman