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She says Kind should consider citizens' needs first


From an email I received from Congressman Kind on Aug. 6: "It is important that I know the views of my fellow Wisconsinites so I can carry out my responsibilities in the U.S. Congress."

I have called and asked for the schedule for several weeks, anticipating the opportunity to listen and to question our representative about many issues.

Finally from his Web site, I get his schedule. Our Congressman will give us exactly six-and-one-half hours of his time during the entire month of August to address this important task of knowing the views of his constituents. None of the sessions come close to Pierce and St. Croix counties; however, a staffer pointed out to me in a phone conversation the Congressman had been in our area in April and he will vacation in August, and the Third District is very large geographically.

In addition to health care issues, other subjects need to be discussed. For example, $550 million spent for additional passenger jets for government officials; a deficit which grew by $181 billion just in July; an expanding involvement which continues in Afghanistan; Kind's cap and trade vote; and the issues just roll on.

The Congressman states as a preface to his schedule: "Traveling the district and meeting with the people of Wisconsin remains my favorite part of the job. I know that keeping in touch with my constituents is the key to being an effective representative in Washington. That is why I hold listening sessions across the Third...District...".

Consequently, it would seem this particular August the needs of citizens would be first. Previous sessions shouldn't be a priority consideration; vacations could come later, be postponed or forgotten, and the challenges of a large Congressional district could be overcome during this critical decision-making year.

Mary Louise Olson

River Falls