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They need course in science, not science fiction, he says


"Some people will do anything to save the Earth, except take a science course." -- Patrick Jake O'Rourke.

Everything depends on how an issue is framed; the issue of global warming has been framed by a single question: Does the carbon dioxide emitted by industrialized societies threaten the Earth's climate?

The IPCC defines climate change as any sort of change in the Earth's climate, no matter what the cause. But the Framework Convention restricts its definition to changes that result from the anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases.

The framework Convention on Climate Change was signed by 154 nations at the 1992 "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro. The convention calls for voluntary reductions in carbon-dioxide emissions.

Here is Mount Kilimanjaro in 2008;

Proponents of global warming present Mount Kilimanjaro as evidence of man made global warming because Al Gore said so in his movie "An Inconvenient Truth." This movie was the subject of a High Court case in the United Kingdom. The court found 11 false or misleading statements.

"The film claims that melting snows on Mount Kilimanjaro evidence global warming. The government's expert was forced to concede that this is not correct."

There is a consensus that the Furtwangler glacier at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro has largely disappeared, but no consensus that the cause is anthropogenic because the ablation of the glacier began 130 years ago. In the past 30 years, satellite monitoring of temperature in the vicinity of the summit has shown that it is broadly constant at minus seven degrees Celsius, far too cold for melting. The cause of the ablation of the glacier is known to be a long-term climatic shift towards dryer conditions in the region, exacerbated locally by imprudent post-colonial deforestation.

The Bell brothers need a course in science, not science fiction.

Sanjeev Dhawan