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Three local friends launch Web-based business

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business Ellsworth, 54011

Ellsworth Wisconsin 126 S. Chestnut St. 54011

Three longtime Ellsworth friends have seen the future of technology and are willing to share their expertise with others.

Donny Brunner, Jeremy Schoeder and Joey Brunner launched last year, a company specializing in Web design and video production, along with offering a number of media and marketing services.


The three explained they started the business after seeing the need for having video online.

"A lot of people have had bad experience with Web sites and don't feel it works," Joey said. "We feel it's something that people can capitalize on."

Added Jeremy: "It's a market that is constantly evolving."

Each one's specialty fits into the mission of the business. Jeremy has an IT background, Joey specializes in video and design, while Donny's focus is on design.

"We each have our strength, but we're all pretty intertwined," Donny continued.

For more please read the July 22 print version of the Herald.