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What's 'Fair'? Hines daughters say it's not beer garden


It is obvious that it matters who you are in this town.

Our Dad, a very well known entrepreneur in this community, fought for a Class B beer license year after year after year to be able to serve beer during the Pierce County Fair on his property behind his car wash. He even paid out his own pocket for special meetings with the Village Board after being initially rejected.

Per the village of Ellsworth, "It's a family fair."

What happened to the safety, liability, fights, minors and so on?

It is surprising to see that the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce was allowed to run a beer garden this year during the Pierce County Fair.

It seems very hypocritical of the Village Board, after all Dad went through and the rejection he received. Our Dad did not do this to make money -- he gave away as much beer as he sold. He enjoyed and loved the people.

Our Dad would never let something like this with the village go without saying anything, so we thought we would say something for him.

The daughters of Roger Hines

(Heather Wester, Hammond

Holly Thompson, Woodbury, Minn.

Hayley Blomberg, Maiden Rock)