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Writer on Earth's age, temperature is making progress, he says


It seems as if some local letter writers who represent the political right are gaining knowledge.

We had one letter writer who accepted the fact that the Earth is at least 10,000 years old. This is a big improvement from when he told us the Earth is only 6,000 years old. I'll call this progress.

Now we have this same writer admitting to minor changes in the Earth's temperature. This is real progress.

The problem with this circular reasoning is obvious, the difference between water and ice is one degree. A minor difference to be sure, but I bet if you were an iceberg, a glacier or a polar bear, the difference between 32 and 33 degrees Fahrenheit would mean life or death.

This death is being witnessed by those with eyes open. Not having to use your air conditioning in Ellsworth in July is different. Having 100 plus-degree temps in Seattle in July is different. Having the wettest months on record along the Eastern seaboard is different. Drought in Texas is not so rare, but the severity of the current drought is different. Cumulatively, this is global climate change. Change is the key word. One or two degrees make a big difference.

This same circular reasoning which searches for facts that support your ideological and political position while ignoring the mountains of evidence that point to the contrary leads to ignorance. This ignorance manifested locally reminds me of the circus. You know when a little car shows up in the center ring and all these clowns come pouring out? You keep wondering when the clown parade is gonna stop, but they just keep coming.

Martin Gaslin