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What does Pierce County Historical Association do?

  • Gathers local history in books done by various people;
  • Collects photos--related to Pierce County--past and present--all topics;
  • Assists family historians to do research--calls come from all over the


  • Has a web site: www.piercountyhistorical. org--open to public inquiries;
  • Preserves artifacts--donated by county and out-state residents--of

    many kinds: paper, clothing, glass and pottery, books, scrapbooks, etc.;

  • Records obituaries on a yearly basis--plus copies old scrapbooks people have kept recording such things;
  • Prints "The Pierce County Heritage" series, nine so far;
  • Reprints and has for sale the 1877, 1895 and 1908 plat books;
  • Opens its history center and log cabin at Bay City in the summer months to visitors two days a month, from June to October;
  • Volunteers and operates the Freier School during the county fair;
  • Has sub-chapters the public can join--at Prescott, River Falls, Bay City and Spring Valley--that hold meetings and do things;
  • Welcomes new members of all ages;
  • Sponsors Pioneer Day, held the last Saturday in June at the River Bluffs History Center--free demonstrations of old-time skills and crafts;
  • Promotes an interest in the heritage of Pierce County that is so rich and varied;
  • Raises funds via donations and a raffle of an Amish quilt;
  • Invites all interested persons to attend the chapter meetings;
  • Holds, open to the public, executive board meetings every two months in the Ellsworth Village Hall;
  • Opens its office to any who wish to visit and see what is done there;
  • Invites members of the public to join (For information, call the PCHA office at 715-273-6611.)
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