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Fair tractor, truck pull winners named

Once the Pierce County Fair got underway on Aug. 8, it wasn’t long before fairgoers got to enjoy the free pony and horse pulls in the grandstand on Thursday night.

The fair continued when the tractor pullers took center stage first on Friday night. The ever-popular tractor pull entertained the large Friday night crowd. A very nice show of local tractors highlighted the evening.

The winners are (distance pulled):

--Hobby Stock, 5000#, Stock, Non-Turbo, Mike Schons, 269’, Dominic Fedie,

139.5’; 6000#, Stock, Non-Turbo, Mike Schons, 277’, Jim Balfe, 274.7’,

Bob Fedie, 126.3’.

--Farm Stock, 4500#, Stock, Non-Turbo, Bryan Dalton, 331.6’, Kerry Kemp,

326.1’, Scott Knight, 322.1’; 5500#, Stock, Non-Turbo, Caleb Cobian, 316.8’, Jason Kelly, 314.2’, Scott Knight, 313.7’; 7000#, Stock, Non-Turbo, Caleb Cobian, 294.1’, Jeremy Kinneman, 292.9’, Richard Marek, 292’; 9000#, Non-Turbo, Josh Hawkins, 328.6’, Adam Birr, 325.3’, Rod McGee, 319.9’; 10000#, Turbo, Matthew Leko, 270.3’, Max Geraets, 226.8’, Wylie Jones, 224.6’; 11000#, Stock, Non-Turbo, Scott Knight, 327.6’, Tom Rohl, 297.1’, Adam Birr, 294.5’; 11000#, Turbo, Tim Pechacek, 271.1’, Andy Birkel, 267.2’, Jay Acker, 261.5’; 12500#, Turbo, Aaron Powers, 298.1’, Terry McGee, 297.3’, Adam Huppert, 296.4’; 14000#, Turbo,

Terry McGee, 304.6’, Matt Dorwin, 302.6’, Ben Powers, 296.1’, Unlimited Turbo, Roman Huppert, 387’, Matt Webster, 299.3’, Ryan Kelly, 295.4’.

--Pure Farm Stock, 5500#, George Cobian, 127.1’, Pete Lubich,

127.8’, Johnny Hoikke, 122.5’.

--Improved Farm, 2.8, 11000#, Ben Thurmes, 315.6’, Scott Knight, 315.5’, Corey Hilden, 272.8’; 11500#, Ben Thurmes, 336.2’, Scott Knight, 331.7’, Corey Hilden, 238.11’.

--Pro Farm, 3x3, 10500#, Peter Koenig, 360.9’, Jake Decker, 359.3’, Craig Meyer, 194.6’; 11500#, Craig Meyer, 345.1’, Greg Bechel, 315.7’, Peter Koenig, 315.4’; 12500#, Greg Bechel, 305.5’.

--Open Class, 6200#, Light, Joe Gruber, 259.1’, Wyatt Fedie, 231.2’, Cody Sebion, 171.6’; 7000#, Heavy, Jim Kamla, 310.5’, Scott Nogel, 308.5’; 9500#, Heavy, Mike Olson, 305.5’; 10000#, Heavy, Jenny Bergman, 310.3’.

Appreciation goes to the local tractor pull sponsors, Auto Value of Ellsworth, Bernard’s of River Falls, CarQuest Auto Parts, Fisher Tractor Repair, Hydraulic Component Repair Service Inc., Nutsy’s Repair, River Falls State Bank, River Falls Tire Co., Rohl Family Dairy-Don, Ed and Mike, and Tractor Central Durand, who helped make this event possible. Also to the volunteer tractor pull committee of Jerry VanHeukelom, Pete Lubich, Mike Lubich, Warren Fox and Kevin Lindstrom for all their time and dedication to the sport of pulling.

The roar of the truck pull started in the grandstand at noon on Sunday and they were joined by the garden tractor pullers. Pullers from all across Wisconsin and Minnesota entertained the crowd while providing fun and excitement. Many styles and sizes of trucks competed for the prize money.

Appreciation goes to Scott Jones and his helpers for all their time and efforts on the truck pull. The results are: 5700#, Local Stock, Dave Koch, 349.2’, Brian Betterley, 342.6’, Albert Betterley, 335.6’; 6200#, Local Stock, Micky Nettis, 357.2’, Dave Johnson, 339.4’, Brian Betterley, 327.11’; 5700#, Improved Stock, Leron Romness, 297.5’; 6200#, Improved Stock, Leron Romness, 330.8’; 5700#, FWD Mod, Dan Johnson, 325.3’, Pat Loutsch, 311’; 6200#, FWD Mod, Dan Johnson, 285.11’, Connor Loutsch, 266’; 4000#, Open Class, Scott Jones, 359.9’, Daniel Johnson, 340.3’, Alex Snyder, 323’; 8000#, Stock Diesel, Trevor McLarrn, 310.6’, Brad McGniggan, 307.3’, Justin Bauer, 300.3’; 8000#, MOD Diesel, Meghan Plummer, 282.7’, Corey Klein, 261.10’, Justin Bauer, 209.3’.

Also to all participants of both events who took time out of their schedules to pull during the fair. Apologies go to anyone who was missed or if there’s an error in the results.

Mark the calendar for the 2014 Pierce County Fair—Aug. 7-10. Like the fair on Facebook at “Pierce County Fair and Fairgrounds (WI)”.