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Letter: Legal reckoning of last eight years needed, she says


While I appreciate much of the Obama/Biden administration's continuing efforts to correct the failed policies of the Bush/Cheney administration, I nonetheless believe that a legal reckoning is required if America is to emerge from the doldrums a more mature nation.

Dick Cheney's relentless revisionist speeches make it clear that an accurate history of the last eight years is by no means assured.

During his recent trip to the Middle East and Europe, President Obama delivered some powerful ideas. At Buchenwald concentration camp, he asserted the importance of acknowledging the Holocaust and decried its denial as baseless, ignorant and hateful. He went on to state the imperative to confront those who would tell lies about our history that diminish us all.

By the same token, America must not turn a blind eye to abuses of domestic and international law that marked the last eight years. As an informed citizenry, we must insist on a formal investigation and full measure of justice. Otherwise, our history will be false, our leaders will continue to proceed with impunity and the only people subject to the rule of law will be the powerless.

Phyllis Goldin

River Falls