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Gov. Doyle or Gov. 'Mayer', he wonders


Was the Wisconsin Governor misquoted in last week's Herald article "Governor makes stops through the area"?

He didn't really say to reporters in Prescott that "we didn't raise taxes" in regard to the recently passed two-year state budget, did he?

If Gov. Jim Doyle actually said "we didn't raise taxes," then it must have instead been Gov. "Oscar Mayer" -- the baloney maker -- talking.

In fact, the budget has 25 net tax increases estimated at nearly $1.7 billion. This is according to the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau's July 8, 2009, 30-page report on the subject of the state tax and fee changes included in the budget. The bureau is a nonpartisan service agency of the Wisconsin Legislature that provides fiscal and program information and analyses.

Also, according to that same report, the budget has 54 net fee increases estimated at nearly $242 million. That's almost $2 billion in total estimated net tax and fee increases included in the budget.

It sure looked like Gov. Doyle in Prescott that day. But it was Gov. "Mayer" if he indeed said "we didn't raise taxes."

Jim J. Reichert