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Letter: Dan Kapanke looks like positive change to him

TO THE EDITOR: It is apparent that the recent passage in both the House and Senate of the Obama Health Reform has proven that the people of the Third Congressional District need a change in representation.

The majority of people in the Third Congressional District are against the total takeover of our health care system, our individual choices regarding our health care, and our personal (private) choices on how to best care for our families. Our current Rep. Ron Kind is not listening.

Ron Kind owes his allegiances to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and not the people of the Third District, just look at his voting record. So to use the President's own word, "It's time for a change."

It's time for a change--a positive and liberty envisioned change in the Third District. That comes in the name of Dan Kapanke. Dan is running for the congressional seat in the Third District. Dan has been a state senator representing District 32 (covering parts of La Crosse, Monroe, Vernon, Crawford and Richland Counties) since 2004. Dan's a farm boy, a businessman, a farm seed salesman and a family man who has been in the La Crosse area for 62 years.

The leaders in Washington, DC, seek to control us. The Third Congressional District needs someone who is for individual freedom, less government intrusion in our personal lives and smaller government. I have watched and heard Dan Kapanke for several years, and I believe he will represent the Third Congressional District the way the people of the third district want to be represented.

I urge constituents to visit and see for yourselves what positive change looks like.