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Letter: It's embezzlement and a crime, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Attention all angry Pierce County taxpayers and government workers from city to county to state to Washington, D.C.

Why did a case coordinator use their authority to allow a client or clients to remain in a shelter workshop versus the general workforce if that is truly not where they should be? In a shelter workshop, they are being used to rob and steal your tax money through the health care providers (which is called fraud). Is this right and justifiable?

One report I read stated how a case coordinator treated a client as a "very vulnerable" adult, begging them, "Oh, would you pretty please get medical assistance, Oh pretty please!" The case coordinator used the client to basically embezzle $108 per day out of medical assistance and that's why the client and others will no longer get medical assistance.

Another trick they are doing is cutting their pay so they can at least get the $108 out of each check and hoping to get them on medical assistance again.

The FBI says it's wrong to cut a client's pay when they have worked hard for it, and are being told by social services and rent assistance they have to be more independent and learn to depend more on themselves and less on the government. The FBI and other government agencies told me those who did these kinds of crimes "will see their big fears become big tears for the rest of their lives in prison." Clients will be given the right to sue and they will finally enjoy life for once and have their freedom once again.

The FBI will be talking to them soon!