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Letter: He tells dealings with O'Boyle over cable issue

TO THE EDITOR: Pierce County Attorney John O'Boyle filed late for the Pierce County Judgeship position.

"Somehow" he ends up on the ballot, causing a costly primary election on Feb. 16 against two (on-time) candidates: renowned area lawyers Loberg and Boles.

My dealings with reticent O'Boyle a few years back are enumerated below:

I received an Oct. 5, 2004, copy of D.A. O'Boyle's response to Wisconsin's Department of Justice, Public Integrity Unit, Assistant Attorney General Olsen's Sept. 29, 2004, dictum to complete this investigation in a timely fashion, even caustically offering him or the sheriff's office "technical assistance."

Unbelievably, O'Boyle pled the fifth about the file, stating: "It took almost a year for that file to be sent down to our office." Funny thing, it was filed directly to O'Boyle twice. You'd think a conscientious D.A. would tickle his calendar for come-out. Believe that Olsen has a coming-out party to O'Boyle on this one very soon.

In defense of my offensive insinuations for his stalling and sitting on this, O'Boyle takes no ownership on a case laid in his lap twice (until Olsen's bat-letter faces him). Even now, he castigates me for not contacting his office concerning this case. Witness a classic case of transference.

A thousand cable subscribers are scratching their heads about due process, having been denied viewing committee meetings for a year-plus. Horrendous political events have ensued over that period, essentially leaving Prescott viewers unaware until too late.

As time goes by, O'Boyle assigns a new investigator to the case, in effect changing the tune to: "As Tempus Fugit By." He knocks Investigator Strain's one-page report as woefully inadequate in quality...Fuzzy why I was not made aware of Strain's report until it's mentioned on O'Boyle's Oct. 5, 2004, letter to Olsen. Why weren't both of us sent a copy?

To be continued.