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Letter: He supports Boles for Pierce County Judge

TO THE EDITOR: Judicial candidate Joe Boles possesses the key attributes a judge should have: being unbiased, nonjudgmental, impartial, knowledgeable of both criminal and civil laws, articulate, compassionate and people-oriented.

Joe was a student of mine at River Falls High School, and I have watched him mature into a most respected attorney. Following a staff reduction, I was required to take over teaching a law class. It had been a number of years since I had taken any course work in this area.

Fortunately, Joe Boles was a phone call away and was happy to assist when I had one of those questions that wasn't answered in any available resource. When I called him to lead a discussion on end of life legal issues for a church forum, he gladly agreed to do so as well.

Whenever I have called upon Joe, he has explained legal matters in a down-to-earth manner. This is so important for a judge, as those persons appearing in court may not always understand the legal definitions or what case law really means. Joe is an upbeat people person.

His calm professional demeanor and his compassionate attitude will assure that all people will be treated with respect and dignity. Joe's extensive legal background also guarantees that his judicial rulings will be guided by legal precedents and not by favoritism or emotion.

Like many of his clients, I will hate to lose Joe as my attorney, but I know the legal system in Pierce County will be in good hands with Judge Boles presiding. Please consider voting for Joe Boles for Pierce County Judge in this year's spring elections.