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Letter: U.S. is likely to follow the fall of Europe, he says

TO THE EDITOR: You won't hear much about it from the fading Katie Couric, but the "PIGS" are dying and the rats are heading to higher ground.

The PIGS or Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain's governments have massive debt and going broke. This is causing the rats in control that created the mess to seek more secure investments.

Many see the U.S. Treasury securities as a safe haven for investments. Is it good when foreign investors hold more than 50 percent of our debt?

Back in the day, before the president announced that "we are not a Christian nation," we believed the wisdom that "The borrower is servant to the lender." Who do we serve?

I think we should keep an eye on Europe because we are likely to follow their fall. The debt ceiling is rising because our elected officials keep spending. But surely, the elite class who are making these decisions must know what they are doing, right?

After all, our president doesn't seem to be concerned. While pushing for new massive spending, he is partying like a rock star, at home, with stars like Bob Dylan and Earth Wind and Fire, while dining on Coby steak. How is your mac and cheese?

Could it be, when we ceased to be a Christian nation, something else filled that void? For example, from the Humanist Manifesto II, "TENTH: Humane societies should evaluate economic systems not by rhetoric or ideology, but by whether or not they increase economic well-being for all individuals and groups, minimize poverty and hardship, increase the sum of human satisfaction, and enhance the quality of life."

Doesn't that sound nice? So why not give up our life, liberty and property to the elite ruling class so we can get all those nice sounding benefits? Should men play God?