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Letter: Trust Sen. Feingold to spend tax dollars wisely, he says

TO THE EDITOR: These days, we hear lot of talk about fiscal responsibiliity from our elected representatives, and those who seek our votes.

It makes sense--after all, we've been dealing with a very tough recession, and although maybe it looks like the economy is bouncing back, I know that many of the people reading this newspaper are still feeling a financial pinch. We don't get to spend more than we have--so why should Washington?

Republicans and Democrats both often seem out of touch. Since it's an election year, we're going to hear candidates from all over the political spectrum talk about how fiscally responsible they are.

Seems to me that when we vote for a candidate who promises to be smart with our tax dollars, we want to look for someone with a proven record of fiscal responsibility, right? After all, talk minus action equals zero.

So I'm writing this letter to remind people reading this newspaper that, time and again, Sen. Russ Feingold has represented Wisconsin with a keen eye for smart fiscal policy, and the elimination of Washington D.C. waste. I'm talking about everything, big and small--from his new Control Spending Now Act that would end the TARP bank bailout among many other things, to his simple rejection of--and attempt to end--the automatic pay raise that both houses of Congress give themselves every term.

You can trust Russ to spend your tax dollars wisely. Even conservative groups like the Club For Growth have recognized him as a sharp budget hawk.

Keep that in mind when you hear a lot of suspicious promises from politicians this election year,