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Letter: Secure borders to stop illegal employment, he says

TO THE EDITOR: The president calls this recent economic period "the worst since the great depression."

The government intentionally reports unemployment figures in obscure percentages which sound less painful. According to Bloomberg, in real numbers that affect real people, there are approximately 30 million people unemployed or underemployed.

For every individual experiencing the loss, the pain spreads exponentially. If a father is laid off, it is easy to imagine how the whole family experiences the resulting challenges. A closer observation will provide the wider view of how that loss affects a community and a nation.

Recent administrations proclaim that "hard working and family oriented" people were unemployed and were "here to do jobs that Americans won't do." Estimates on the numbers vary from 10-20 million "hard working, family oriented" folks were here to take the undesirable work that we don't want.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform, supported by both presidential candidates, ignored some issues to sell us the benefits. Do you know that the M13, one of the most brutal of gangs, is now operating in most major urban areas? Did you hear about the numerous hospitals that had to close their doors because they were forced to give free medical service? How about those overburdened schools forced to provide special services for those who can't speak our language?

In the name of political correctness, we have been expected to provide for those who are here to take our jobs.

Data shows that one in four young people are unemployed. Since the estimated number of illegal aliens is up to 2/3 of our unemployed, we should demand that the people constitutionally in charge of securing our borders fulfill their duties.

Multiculturalism is destructive to our culture and has devastated communities. Legal immigration encourages assimilation while illegal immigration has no commitment to our society.