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Letter: She's encouraged by Feingold's bill to reduce deficit

TO THE EDITOR: During this time of economic crisis and worries about government spending, I am encouraged to see that Sen. Russ Feingold is the author of the Control Spending Now Act, a bill that will reduce the federal deficit by a half trillion dollars over 10 years.

It will reform the budget and spending process in Congress, make Congress more responsible, stop corporate handouts, support family farmers and reduce subsidies for big agribusinesses, end giveaways of publicly owned natural resources, and eliminate unnecessary spending on programs that have outlived their usefulness or weren't wise to begin with.

Many voters don't know that Congress gives itself an automatic pay raise every year. Sen. Feingold is the lead author of a bill that would do away with this practice. He doesn't accept a pay raise until the people who hired him, the voters of Wisconsin, vote him one at the ballot box.

Each year during his term, he sends his share back to the U.S. Treasury.