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Letter: Loberg's concern about children tells her of his character

TO THE EDITOR: From the first time I was talking to Bob Loberg when he told me he was planning to run for Pierce County Judge, I immediately offered not only my support but also my help to him in accomplishing it.

I always vote, but I don't get any more involved than that. This is different because I feel so strongly that Bob is the best person for the position.

My career as a school nurse involves working with children every day. Bob has always been interested in listening to me as I have expressed concerns over issues that I am involved in and he has offered valuable advice. From these conversations and from my other knowledge of Bob's involvement in the community, I know Bob is very concerned about children, which to me says a lot about his character.

Pierce County needs a judge who will protect the public, but especially the vulnerable and children.

I urge you to join my husband Chuck and me in supporting Bob Loberg for Pierce County Judge.