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Letter: He backs Joe Boles for Pierce County Judge

TO THE EDITOR: I wish I could vote for Joe Boles to help him win the election for Pierce County judge, but I can't because I am a resident of St. Croix County.

Why would I vote for Joe? Because I have known Joe as a friend, a fellow Rotarian, and a wise and capable person. Each week, we begin our Rotary club meeting with the "four way test" in response to the invitation to recite the "things that we think, say and do": Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned, will it build goodwill and better fellowship, will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Fortunately for Joe's family, friends, legal clients, colleagues and fellow citizens, these are not simply spoken words, but the "test" that informs his personal and professional life.

As residents of Pierce County, when you enter the voting booth to cast your ballot for your next county judge, I would encourage you to vote for Joe Boles.