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Letter: He urges all to cast ballot for Loberg

TO THE EDITOR: An important day is fast approaching for the voters of Pierce County, a day all eligible voters should be giving serious thought because, on that day, we, as voters, go to the polls and cast our ballot for Pierce County Judge.

Electing a judge does not happen too many times in our lifetime; it is an important decision for the voters to make.

Two highly qualified men are on the ballot, now it is up to the voters to decide who should fill the position currently held by Judge Robert Wing.

For nearly 40 years, it has been my privilege to have been a friend and colleague of Robert Loberg, a candidate for Pierce County Judge. Twenty-six of those years, Bob provided legal services and counsel for the Village of Plum City while I served as Village President. Bob was always there no matter when we put him to the test. He was always available and could be reached when we searched for advice; day or night, office hours were not a problem,

Bob has not only become a business advisor, he has been just a friend who is blessed with the very highest qualifications needed to fill this important position that could affect all of our lives. To my knowledge, Bob is an individual that, before judgment is made, will consider all the facts and make his determination based on the laws that we must live by.

The individual that we elect to fill this important office must be someone dedicated to serve all of us fairly with due respect and at the same time uphold the laws as they are written.

I urge all of you to go to the polls on Election Day and cast your ballot along with mine for Robert Loberg.