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Letter: Loberg is detailed, fair and approachable, he says

TO THE EDITOR: I believe the upcoming election for the next Pierce County Judge is very important, as it will determine the future direction of the judicial process in Pierce County.

As a 36-year veteran of county law enforcement, I have worked with many attorneys involving criminal cases involving juveniles, sexual assault and adult homicide perpetrators. I have had the fortune of working with Attorney Loberg and Boles, and have found them to be very professional, caring and sensitive. We as the electorate have two excellent choices for judge.

I have seen Attorney Loberg in action as Family Court Commissioner, as an attorney of his client, and as an attorney of municipalities of Pierce County. I have found him to be detailed in his presentation and fair in his judgment. He has always been very approachable, regardless of the matter before us, be it a criminal case, issue of a divorce or a town issue.

For this reason, I would encourage you to join me in voting for Robert Loberg for Pierce County Judge.