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Letter: Nation needs a return to creating wealth, he says

TO THE EDITOR: We can argue forever about how we got into this mess and who is at fault, while avoiding the root problem.

For example, I read the arguments about whether or not the government creates jobs, yet the root problem is not who creates jobs, the private or public sector, but who creates wealth? The government is leading the way in job creation and compensation, but can only print, borrow or confiscate money from citizens to give to others, though it cannot create real wealth. We need a return to creating wealth.

Like the post-modern church, with the goal to increase the flock by becoming more "relevant." They add everything from additional contemporary music services to yoga class, trying to attract seekers. If the good news of fallen mankind being rescued from eternal Hell by a loving God is promoted with an exercise room, how much more is that message diluted with irrelevance? Only when we get to the root of the issue, whether politics or salvation, is resolution found.

I have read the arguments demonstrating an understanding, or lack thereof, concerning our nation's Constitution. When each party holds a different paradigm, the exercise is futile. One believes that the document limits the reach of the federal government into our private lives, while the other one believes that it is a "living and breathing document," thereby subject to the winds of change. Anyone who tries to win such an argument will lose their way in a post-modern house of mirrors.

To go forward, we need to go back and reclaim what was stolen from us. One way to resolve the constitution issue is with an article 5, constitutional amendment convention. We can peacefully stop the destruction, reclaim liberty and create an environment of prosperity by allowing real wealth creation.