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Letter: Oil bill stance shows interest GOP's looking out for, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Last week, US Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue said, (paraphrasing), the U.S. Taxpayer needs to help foot the bill for the oil spill in the Gulf.

House minority leader Boehner, (R-Oh) followed his boss' prompt by agreeing with this at his weekly press conference. This should prove revealing to any fair minded American about whose interest the Republican Party is looking out for.

For decades, both the Republican Party and the Chamber have railed against what they label "big government" and all those pesky regulations. Both the Chamber and some Republicans now claim it's Obama's fault for not cleaning up the Mineral Management Services (MMS) quick enough. (Remember it was the Bush/Cheney MMS who were busted trading sex, drugs, trips and cash for easing of regulations.) From the Chamber's point of view, this justifies putting the burden of clean up at the taxpayers' feet--the Republican Party leadership seems to agree, according to Boehner.

I wish someone could explain this logic to me. BP is a Chamber member. The Republican Party does what the Chamber tells it to do. The Chamber fights for deregulation along with the Republican leadership and now, after the largest environmental disaster in American history caused by deregulation freaks, these same people want you and I to pay for what they claim the free market business enterprise said wouldn't happen.

Let me remind you, each of the big four oil companies can generate more "free market profit" in one fiscal quarter than the State of Wisconsin earns in a year. The Chamber wants to protect its members by passing the cost of "free market disaster" to you and I.

I'm all for a free market that is fair. Remember the banks and the auto industry. Another Republican caused bailout is not fair.